Animal Companions

The luminous light is diming to give space to autumn’s shadow and colour games. The summer travels are only a memory for the young girl but she already longs to see her holiday friends again.
This feeling of loneliness doesn’t last long…
Her animal companions are here to comfort her.
On this beautiful Indian summer day, she decides to take them all outside, along the shores of a serene lake.
School benches and cushions welcome all the characters in a wonderful contrast of harmonious colours.
Freddy the octopus plays his balancing act to bring a smile on her face.
Willy the dolphin and Samy the turtle tease her inner playfulness, while Moby the wise whale sings stories from the depth of the oceans.
Vicky the swan offers a kind message of friendship while
Polly the flamingo invites her imagination to travel with her high in the skies.
When a fresh wind starts to blow, all of them gather around her to warm her heart.
Children know how to create the most amazing friendships!