Ducks United: Cars and Family

Have you ever driven a Citroën 2 CV classic car and travelled around a Mediterranean island? Well that’s a dream you can fulfil on Ibiza!

A Dutch couple combined their love for the island and their passion for the French vintage car to create Ducks United, a classic car rental company.

And the idea is very successful!

As their family and business grew, they needed to organise a photo shoot for a German magazine. They naturally contacted us to collaborate with them.

The spirit of Numero 74, family values and vintage cars seemed to be a perfect match!

We were very happy to provide pieces from our fashion collection in many different colours. The photo shoot took place in their beautiful Ibizan country house, or finca, in Sant Lorenzo, with a beautiful view over the mountains around.

Our Steffie took the opportunity to snap a few pictures from backstage: make-up session, the family interacting with each other, the kids playing… It was certainly a lively photo shoot!

A big thank you to this beautiful family for letting us be part of their story. We wish you all the best!