Planting Seeds

Let’s enjoy nature’s treasures together!
Tara invited Steffie and her two children Carolina and Nicola, as well as Lucille, our photographer, to her home in Ibiza to enjoy the lovely veggie garden she had been playing in.
At Numero 74, nature is never far from us: it is a source of peace and inspiration every day.
That day, everyone realised how enjoyable and healthy it is to grow your own food, fresh from the garden.
Kids are very instinctive in the way they connect with nature.
As soon as they arrived, Carolina and Nicola were immediately attracted by the plants.
They were so excited to pick cherry tomatoes and strawberries and bite into their juiciness on the spot.
They also enjoyed watering the plants and delicately replanting some seedlings.
Barefoot on the earth, under the sun, connecting with plants full of life, that’s where children are happy, that’s where little seeds are fed and can grow!