Sa Caleta

The winter is coming to an end on Ibiza. Nature is awakening and inviting our dear Steffie and her family to go out for a walk on this peaceful weekend.
The sound of a nearby lighthouse made them think of a special place on the south west coastline of the island, called Sa Caleta.
The cove, a horseshoe shaped bay with crystal clear waters, protected by majestic red cliffs, is also an archeological site.
They had been many times to the beach there in the summer, a popular spot for locals, but discovering it on a winter day was a totally different experience.
When they arrived, the sea was hidden in a dense fog, which gave a very mysterious feel to the place. 
As they walked down towards the beach, they came across an old abandoned fishing boat.
Steffie’s children Carolina and Nicolas couldn’t help embarking on an imaginary adventure on board.
“Let’s sail the world!” they were saying.
With their Numero 74 backpack on and a head full of dreams, they were ready to conquer the sea and Sa Caleta was just the beginning of a long journey.
Sometimes the places we call home, that we think we know by heart, are full of surprises.
They can gift us with priceless moments, such as this day, as long as we keep our sense of adventure alive!