Pun Pun Restaurant, Chiang Mai

Close to Numero 74’s workshop, there is a hidden gem that cannot be missed when visiting Chiang Mai: a restaurant called Pun Pun that serves food grown in their own organic farm.

Anybody who has been living in Chiang Mai long enough will know this institution.

Pun Pun, founded by a charismatic yet humble Thai man called Joe, is so much more than a restaurant. It is an organic farm, seed-saving initiative, and sustainable living and learning center, located in the countryside outside Chiang Mai.

Their mission is to experiment farming and natural building practices that work well for people and the environment, then spread this knowledge via workshops and conferences.

They also run two restaurants in the city centre, this one and another one located within a Buddhist temple’s grounds, to share the produce of their work with locals and visitors alike.

During their visit in Chiang Mai, Numero 74’s team and the Mokkasin family stopped at Pun Pun for a farm-to-table experience.

A long table was set up along the veggie garden, in authentic simplicity.

The food, made of the freshest ingredients, was prepared with the heart and served with a smile. All the dishes were such a delight for the senses!

What better restaurant experience than nourishing the body with food provided by Mother Earth and supporting this beautiful eco-friendly project!

Giving meaning to the simplest of our actions every day, that’s what we like at Numero 74!